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How I Work

A few thoughts on therapy:

Therapy is a sacred trust between therapist and that can build bonds of trust that enable the exploration of potentially deep, longstanding challenges, troubling patterns, or catalyze exciting new areas of growth and exploration.

I believe that much of the work in therapy happens in the space between the people “in the room”, in the relationship between therapist and clients as well as internally. Growth, healing, and exploration can occur on many levels – from learning simple techniques to help with everyday stresses, to exploring present or past relationships in order to change the way we interact with partners, to delving deep into ourselves in order to ease longstanding pain or worries.

While each relationship is unique, and co-created with each client, I keep coming back to one or more of the following approaches with pretty much everyone that I have the pleasure of working with.

Some of my influences:

Attachment Theory: Much of our lives as social beings springs from the foundation of our earliest relationships, often centering around our sense of security (or lack thereof) with parent figures. This also informs our style of relating to other important figures in our lives, particularly romantic partners.

Psychodynamic Therapy: Psychodynamic therapy stresses the importance influences and experiences of early life as well as internal dynamics. Through exploration and bringing the unconscious aspects of ourselves into our awareness, we are able to find lasting self-understanding and healing.

Somatic Therapy (awareness and attunement): Somatic therapy stresses the connection between mind and body; paying attention to what our body tells us can give insight not available to us consciously

Awareness of Systemic Factors (AKA Social Justice orientation): We live in a world that is more friendly to some than others, with many of us facing systemic or systematic challenges to our everyday existence. This affects our mental health: for some, it is a benefit and manifests itself through privilege and access, though for many, it makes life more difficult. I strive to hold space that is anti-oppression, particularly for those from marginalized communities.

Featured Modalities:

I find these ways of working particularly effective for many clients, and have gotten certified in their use.

  • Internal Family Systems
  • Brainspotting

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William Ma, LMFT (Lic. #96148)